Ozkor is an Australian ISO 9001 certified company with its Head Office located in Sydney NSW and services many of Australia’s largest companies covering a wide range of industries ranging from high care companies in the food and pharmaceutical industries, as well as major retailers, manufacturers and exporters.

We are committed in providing affordable materials handling solutions with products built for the long term; to the highest standards of quality for our customers.

Whether you are looking to purchase or rent our range of materials handling products, or wishing to design and develop a new bespoke alternative, call Ozkor’s experienced staff for further support.

About Us

Product Range

Hire Service
Bulk Bins
Plastic Pallets
Tote Bins &
Slip Sheets
K-Pak System
Pallet Hire Service

Ozkor’s Plastic pallet rental service provides a choice and gives you the product while saving your Capital reserves.

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Plastic Storage Bins & Bulk Bins

Plastic Bulk Bins are ideal for batch control, storage and distribution and at the same time protect your goods from damage and contamination.

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Plastic Pallets

Designed to replace wood as a better alternative for pallets especially where hygiene and durability are top priorities.

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Tote Bins & Slip Sheets

Both products in their own way will provide more efficient alternative options to traditional ways of handling, storing and shipping products in the industrial supply chain.

On the one hand Injection moulded plastic Tote Bins provide a better and longer term solution than that provided by cardboard or wooden containers offer; while on the other hand plastic slip sheets is proven to be a much more economical solution when dispatching or exporting goods by enabling the retention of more expensive pallets.

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K-Pak System

The K-Pak System is designed as a re-usable aluminium extrusion packaging alternative to single use disposable packaging traditionally used for the transportation aluminium profiles providing a quick return on investment and saving on waste disposable costs.

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Our Core Values


Embrace and maintain high ethical standards expected by our customers.


To build confidence with our customers so they can trust and rely on our dedicated service at all times.


To nurture a well-trained, dedicated and motivated professional team whose focus is always on providing the best possible service and informed advice to our customer.


To set the highest possible standards of product quality to exceed customer’s expectations.


Adopt a solid foundation to maintain a high base-line of compliance with core values.


To meet our environmental responsibilities by adopting Eco-Friendly policies of reusability; recyclability and returnability as the foundational blocks upon which to build a more sustainable future.

Core Competencies

  • Designing, manufacturing injection moulded materials handling products such as plastic pallets and other unit load devices that includes plastic bulk bins and slip sheets.
  • Manufacturer of bespoke plastic pallets designed for specialised industrial applications.

Service Proposition

  • Sales and Rental of Plastic Pallets.
  • To ensure and excel in the provision of service to our customers.
  • Supply high quality products that provides the best value for money that also gives many years of valuable service to customers.
  • To ensure delivery in full and on time.
  • To give well informed advice to customers queries with a timely and efficient response time.

Product Design

When it comes to designing new products, Ozkor will put their resources to work for you in order to ensure they are guided in accordance with your specifications and directed towards the best quality manufacturing outcomes.

Resources available include:

  • Consultation
  • Computer Aided Design (CAD)
  • Project Management
  • Prototype Modelling
  • Tool Making
  • Manufacturing

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