ResMed Technology Helping The World Breathe Easier

ResMed is an Australian company founded in 1989 and operates in more than 140 countries. Ozkor explains to MHD how it has helped this multi-billion-dollar sleep tech business during the pandemic by providing it durable and reliable hygiene pallets.


As a global leader in its field of sleep technology, by any standards, ResMed is an Australian success story anybody would be proud of. 

Founded in Australia in 1989 by Chairman Peter Farrell, ResMed now operates in more than 140 countries and enjoys a significant demand for its services at a time when international supply chain infrastructure and pallet availability has experienced disruptions due to COVID, high demands on shipping and wooden pallet pooling services. 

From its headquarters, now located in San Diego, California, ResMed increased its revenue by 12 per cent to $US3.8 billion in 2022, leading the world in providing lifesaving sleep and respiratory care devices, as well as software solutions to various out-of-hospital healthcare providers. 

From its Sydney manufacturing facility, ResMed made the decision to change from wooden to plastic pallets in order to fit out its 3PL warehousing facility resource. 

“We were previously renting wooden pallets but for a number of reasons, we decided that it was economically more viable in the longer term to buy our own plastic pallets,” Brett Davis, ResMed Warehouse and Logistics Manager, says. 

“Local plastic pallet supplier Ozkor was able to respond in a very timely manner and provided excellent project management support with the right product at a crucial time.” 

According to Ozkor, the APP-1165 Hygiene pallet was chosen after detailed trials in order to ensure the pallet not only met the specification terms of reference but also satisfied ResMed that the investment was viable over the long term. 

Brett explained how ResMed relied on Ozkor Hygiene pallets to address two critical issues at once: source enough wooden pallets to satisfy demand; and have a clear understanding of how many the company has or could expect at any given time. 

Ozkor helped ResMed gain more control over its distribution loop, provide suppliers with adequate pallets, and more confidently meet its obligations to its healthcare customers. 

“At a time when international and local supply chains were fraught with complexities that appeared to be approaching a crisis, we needed to guarantee pallet supply because there was a danger of putting ResMed’s operations under threat,” David Dal Santo, Account Manager at Ozkor, says. 

“As a major Ozkor customer this was out of the question, so by prioritising the pallet production process, coupled with good dispatch planning, we were able to comply with the instructions given and meet the expectations required.” 

The App-1165 heavy duty Hygiene pallet is a four-way entry version of an Australian 1165x1165x150mm design and has a flat solid top deck. It’s easier-to-clean construction is made without the use of concealed structural cavities, which means when exposed can accommodate contaminated substances or pests. 

David says, “the APP-1165 is a very popular model mostly used in high care industrial environments like ResMed’s as well as the food and pharmaceutical industries where hygiene, durability and product longevity are vitally important.”