Ozkor is a leading designer and manufacturer of plastic storage and warehouse equipment. We supply our quality products to many industries in Australia, from retail and manufacturing to food, pharmaceutical, shipping and logistics and even military.

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Bulk Bins
Plastic Pallets
Tote Bins &
Slip Sheets
K-Pak System
Pallet Hire Service

Ozkor’s Plastic pallet rental service provides a choice and gives you the product while saving your Capital reserves.

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Plastic Storage Bins & Bulk Bins

Plastic Bulk Bins are ideal for batch control, storage and distribution and at the same time protect your goods from damage and contamination.

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Plastic Pallets

Designed to replace wood as a better alternative for pallets especially where hygiene and durability are top priorities.

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Tote Bins & Slip Sheets

Both products in their own way will provide more efficient alternative options to traditional ways of handling, storing and shipping products in the industrial supply chain.

On the one hand Injection moulded plastic Tote Bins provide a better and longer term solution than that provided by cardboard or wooden containers offer; while on the other hand plastic slip sheets is proven to be a much more economical solution when dispatching or exporting goods by enabling the retention of more expensive pallets.

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K-Pak System

The K-Pak System is designed as a re-usable aluminium extrusion packaging alternative to single use disposable packaging traditionally used for the transportation aluminium profiles providing a quick return on investment and saving on waste disposable costs.

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