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Ozkor pallets are Re-usable; Returnable and Re-cyclable and made to provide a high level of operational capabilities to suit all applications and environmental circumstances

Ozkor is a leading manufacturer and supplier of plastic pallets that are designed to meet a wide range of industrial needs. We have a diverse selection of customers throughout Australia including major retailers, manufacturers and exporters.

Ozkor’s Australian Product Range

Ozkor’s Australian product range are for sale or hire and includes a range of heavy-duty models for demanding industrial applications throughout Australia.

plastic export pallets

We also manufacture lighter weight export pallets that are ISPM-15 compliant which means they do not need to be heat treated or fumigated before sending overseas.

Both pallet types have given long service to the pharmaceutical and food companies over the years. Where hygiene is a vital requirement Ozkor’s plastic pallets are a better option to porous wooden alternatives.

Ozkor’s newly developed LWR-1165 lightweight Australian standard pallet is designed to handle 1,000kgs in selective beam racking and is priced to compete with a wooden alternative and as it is only 9.5 kgs in weight it will have a favourable impact on reducing the cost of distribution and handling as it is about 4 times lighter than the wooden alternative pallets currently used.

About Ozkor

Ozkor is a manufacturer and supplier of quality plastic storage and warehouse equipment. Other heavy duty products include; bulk bins, slip sheets, plastic tote bins . Our products are designed to provide a long service life so as a customer you can have confidence in your investment in Ozkor’s range of products.

the supplier of quality plastic storage

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When it comes to heavy duty plastic pallets, Ozkor is Australia’s leading supplier with the resources to develop and design new products to suit your own specifications. Buy or hire our plastic pallets and other equipment today. For design consultation, contact our team. Call us on 1800 001 433 or submit our online form.

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