K-Pak System


  • Reusable and Recyclable
  • Adjustable in Height
  • Stackable
  • Forklift compatible
  • Patented Design
  1. Information

    K-Pak is a reusable packaging system designed to give the world’s aluminium industry a more durable, longer service life solution and to help reduce the dependence on disposable packaging.

    K-Pak also provides opportunities to make significant financial savings, while at the same time, contributing to the reduction of waste, product damage and unsustainable demands on the global environment.

    K-Pak’s Reusable packaging System will provide a great opportunity to capitalize in a number of  key areas .For example manufactures  can significantly save on costs ;reduce demands on unsustainable resources; improve product protection in distribution; reduce waste disposal issues and reach higher levels of operational efficiencies.

  2. Specification

    K-Pak System
    Component Sizes (LxWxH - mm)
    Top Cleat: 473.4 x 135 x 42
    Bottom Cleat: 473.4 x 235 x 55
    Side Struts: 330 x 170 x 25
    Assembled Dimensions (WxH - mm)
    Non-Extended external: 473.4 x 312
    Non-Extended internal: 426 x 240
    Extended external: 473.4 x 480
    Extended internal: 426 x 400
    Range: 150-350kg, averaging 255kg
    Stacking Height
    On Application
    Re-usable Aluminium Extrusions Packaging System
    Quantities Shipping for Containers
    20 Foot Container - 2000 sets
    40 Foot Container - 4400 Sets

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