Plastic Pallet Rental

Plastic Pallet Rental– a New Option built for advanced Automation Systems


When characterising modern industry it is no exaggeration to conclude that Australia is undergoing major changes in its logistical and supply chain landscape and setting new standards for the future.

While considering the enormous amount of investment in technological advances already made in such things as artificial intelligence (AI), robotics and communications, most companies will be reflecting on the strategic direction it is likely to take in the coming years. This is particularly relevant in view of the Governments recent budget announcements to stimulate the economy.



While significant changes will take place in the short term, some things of course will remain the same; this does not mean that improvements in design and functionality cannot be undertaken with traditional equipment.

Automation Systems Compatibility

Take for example the standard Australian pallet which is still likely to be a necessary requirement for many years to come. The nature of the materials used, however, and the capabilities to integrate easily into what appears to be increasingly demanding and complex automated warehouse systems (ASRS) cannot be ignored.

New systems design engineers and end users must anticipate potential downtimes brought about by damaged or poor quality pallets. This will mean a necessary re-assessment of what standard and type of pallet is used in order to mitigate against issues likely to stop production and increase costs. When coupled with higher hygiene, safety and durability expectations in the food and pharmaceutical industries, a plastic pallet that can meet these demanding standards and rented at competitive rates is worth further investigation.

While renting plastic pallets in Australia has been going on for many years, according to National Marketing Manager for Ozkor Pty Ltd, Alan Morgan they can now provide a more advanced choice of plastic pallet for industry to consider.

Patented Impact Resistant Technology

Ozkor Pty Ltd is an Australian ISO 9001 certified company and leader in its field of expertise, specialising in the design development and manufacture of injection moulded plastic materials handling products such as plastic pallets designed to meet specific industrial applications.



Morgan said, “The newly released PPX -1165 plastic rental pallet fulfils the specification requirements that exceed anything that is available on the market at present and can handle a load of 1,350kg in drive in racking without the need to use a steel framework. The specialised virgin polypropylene copolymer materials chosen will operate in extreme temperatures ranging from freezer temperatures of -30°c to as high as 50°c in warehouse environments”.

Vertical side blocks are given extra protection against MHE damage by incorporating patented nylon inserts inside the block structure which enhances impact resistance in what is normally vulnerable areas.

“The PPX is a heavy duty workhorse designed for a long term reusable use along the dimensional lines of a standard timber pallet but by far exceeds the operational, hygiene and longevity of pallets traditionally used”. said Morgan.