Specialised Pallet


  • Australian standard footprint
  • Triple recessed top deck fork tyne channels
  • Heavy duty with high impact resistant materials
  • Extreme temperature tolerant
  • Slip resistant rubber grommets
  • Safe, durable and hygienic
  • Reinforced with patented insert technology
  1. Information

    When processing boxed products such as frozen food ,and in particular meat for exports ,loading shipping containers can be problematic until the launch of one of Ozkor’s newest development: the MP2-1165 plastic pallet.

    Like its MP-1165 sister model, it is also is a pallet especially designed for multi-functional purposes that improves loading and operational efficiencies by enabling fork lift operators the ability to lift the boxes directly off the top deck of the pallet once it comes out of storage. The MP2-1165, unlike the MP-1165 ,however, has three (3) top deck channels instead of two(2) in order to accommodate the lifting of both frozen and chilled cartons of meat destined to be exported.

    The top deck Tyne channels make unloading the pallet extremely easy thereby freeing up the pallet for re-use while the cartooned meat product is loaded into the shipping container for dispatch overseas. This process can be carried out in seconds and eliminates the need for manual unloading pallets and the use slip sheets.

    The MP2-1165 plastic pallet is constructed with high impact resistant virgin polymer materials that can operate at low freezer room temperatures. Additional measures are taken to enhance the pallets’ ability to reduce potential damage by incorporating high impact resistant inserts in the side walls of the pallet. This proven and patented technology has been developed by Ozkor’s design engineering team to extend the service life of the pallets, particularly in environments which are operationally very demanding.

    Slip resistant rubber grommets are securely positioned on the pallets top deck to aid in the safe handling of frozen boxed food products when being transported around production facilities.

    The MP2-1165 pallets are available in Australia for rental thereby saving customers from any capital expenditure demands.

  2. Specification

    Heavy Duty - 2 way entry - Ventilated top deck
    1165 x 1165 x 190mm
    44kg (±500g)
    100% Virgin Polypropylene Co-Polymer (high impact resistant)
    Temperature Tolerance
    From -30°C to +50°C
    Static Load: 10,000kg
    Dynamic Load: 2,000kg
    Beam Racking: 2,000kg
    Drive-In Racking: 1,500kg
    Chemical Resistance
    High chemical resistance to acids and alkalis
    Able to be hot washed, steam cleaned and chemically sterilised
    100% Recyclable

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