Retail Distribution Pallet


  • High Impact Resistant Construction
  • Patented insert Technology
  • Slip Resistant Rubber Grommets
  • Suitable for use in Temperature Extremes
  • 2/3rds. Australian Pallet size
  • Registered Design
  1. Information

    The T3P-775 was especially designed to meet a very high standard of performance in the grocery distribution supply chain in order to operate in a closed loop between Distribution centres and supermarket stores .It’s dimensions are based on 2/3rds of a standard Australian pallet in order to enable it to be easily handled through narrow doors and work areas. The special materials formulation from which the T3P-775 is made, enables it to meet very demanding operational conditions at -20°C and + 40°C.’

    This pallet model is also constructed with patented high impact resistant nylon inserts located in the pallet’s vertical uprights in order to mitigate damage from forklift tyne impact.

    Investment in the T3P-775 plastic pallet will give you confidence in its ability to provide valuable reusable service for many years to come.

  2. Specification

    Heavy duty 4 Way entry
    1,165 x 775 x 150mm
    19.70 kg
    Polypropylene Co-Polymer
    Operating Temps.
    -30°C to +50°C
    Method of Manufacture
    Injection Moulding
    Static Load: 1,000kg
    Dynamic Load: 1,000kg
    Beam Racking: 1,000kg
    Drive-In Racking: 900kg
    Chemical Resistance
    Very High chemical resistance to acids and alkalis

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